Lady Victoria Hervey claims ‘daggers are out’

  • Lady Victoria claimed that King Charles was jealous of Andrew’s military career
  • Prince Andrew told friends he has no plans to leave his Windsor estate

Prince Andrew has always been a source of ‘jealousy’ for King Charles, socialite and ex-girlfriend of the Duke of York, Lady Victoria Hervey, claims, as the duke faces eviction from the Windsor lodge if his £249,000 purse is lowered.

The 46-year-old, who briefly dated the now-disgraced prince, said he has been “very ill-advised” in recent years and is facing the harsh reality now that his loving mother the Queen has passed away.

Lady Victoria claimed in an interview with GB News that King Charles was jealous of his ‘successful military career’ and the fact that he was ‘the reserve’.

It comes as Prince Andrew is reportedly concerned about a decision by his elder brother to cut his £249,000 annual grant from April, which he says would mean he wouldn’t be able to afford the upkeep of his current Windsor Royal Lodge.

But royal experts have said the prince needs to face reality and start living “within his means”.

Prince Andrew has reportedly told friends he has no intention of leaving his Windsor estate after signing a £250-a-week lease for the next 75 years

Prince Andrew (center) pictured with Lade Victoria Hervey (right) in 2002

The Duke of York has seen his personal finances come under increasing strain after being forced to give up his job as a royal following his settlement with prosecutor Virginia Guiffre.

Ms Guiffre, a sex trafficking victim by pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, accused the Duke of sex crimes against her and reached a settlement

Lady Victoria said on GB News on Friday: ‘I think Charles, as the older brother, has always been a little jealous of him [Prince Andrew].

“He had a very successful 20-year military career.

“I heard he was always jealous of him.

“So once the queen is gone, the daggers are out.”

Referring specifically to the Windsor lodge, Lady Victoria said, ‘They have time.

“But Charles has inherited how much money and yet he can’t help his brother?

Prince Andrew had to comply [with Virginia Guiffre]he had no choice, and as soon as he was forced to do it, they took everything else away little by little.’

She also told the program that she “loves” appearing on television.

Following this are royal pundits telling MailOnline that Prince Andrew should be flung from his grace-and-favour mansion unless he agrees to pay more than the £250-a-week peppercorn he’s reportedly being charged.

The disgraced Duke of York has told friends he will be unable to afford the upkeep of the Royal Lodge at Windsor when his £249,000 annual stipend is cut from April.

Speculation is mounting that he is being forced out as part of his plan to cut royal costs. Brewing with a row, Andrew has indicated he will not leave without a fight – but he has been “selfish” by critics.

Incredibly, he has a more than 60-year lease on the 30-room property and is reportedly paying £250 a week for it, which former MP Norman Baker, an expert on royal finance, told MailOnline: ‘would don’t give you a cupboard in your house’. London’.

Mr Baker said: ‘It’s time Andrew started living within his means rather than expecting other people to subsidize his lavish lifestyle. If he cannot pay commercial rent for the property with his own money, he must be evicted and moved to a much smaller place. The taxpayer subsidizes him.”

Lady Victoria Hervey claimed Prince Andrew has been “very badly advised” in recent months
Lady Victoria Hervey claimed this week that Charles has ‘always been jealous’ of his younger brother Prince Andrew
Lady Victoria said, ‘I think Charles, as an older brother, has always been a little jealous of him [Prince Andrew]’
King Charles is urged to crack down on his brother Andrew and kick him out unless he pays more
Prince Andrew introduced himself today, Saturday, February 25, while driving in Windsor
The Duke of York reportedly told friends he is unlikely to be able to maintain his Windsor home (pictured) without receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds a year from the King

There are growing suggestions that he could be forced out of Windsor Lodge after the King indicated he would cut Andrew’s £250,000 allowance by April as part of his plan to cut royal costs

Biographer and investigative journalist Tom Bower said: ‘Andrew’s selfish behavior threatens the reputation of King Charles and even the coronation. Andrew thinks he can solve the difficult situation that he himself caused. By threatening he is playing with fire.

The King’s best solution is to force Andrew out of the huge house, accept much more modest accommodation, and convince him that his attempt at rehabilitation is futile – and will ultimately be self-destructive. Not only for himself, but also for his two daughters.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said: ‘What the Royal Family does with a problem like Andrew is unclear.

“He has absolutely no intention, as far as can be ascertained, of taking up charitable duties, as the Queen reportedly suggested, seeking future redemption, as he sees no reason for penance. In the court of public opinion, he is already guilty.

Still, it appears that he has or will have access to very substantial funds. King Charles can reduce his subsidy. However, it seems extremely unlikely that he will change his lifestyle, however reprehensible that may seem to the public.

Andrew reportedly refuses to move.

An insider told The Mirror: “He (said) he’s not leaving, there’s no chance that will happen and even if the king wanted him how would that work?

“If he (the king) wants to spend millions to pay him back for the money he’s already spent on the property, that’s another matter.”

“Can you imagine a situation where the duke threatens to sue his brother, the king, for money? It would be unthinkable.’

And Andrew has some reasons to argue for staying.

In 2003, he signed a 75-year lease on the house on the condition that he pay £250 a week. As a result, he thought he could call the estate home for the rest of his life.

Royal Lodge has 30 bedrooms and is set in 98 acres of land. Andrew would spend most of his time on the property.

When Andrew was hit with bombshell sexual abuse allegations in 2019 – which he strenuously denies – he stepped down from working royals and was therefore no longer receiving government money.

Instead, he relied on the generosity of his late mother who supported him with private funds from the Duchy of Lancaster. The amount is reported to have been about £249,000 a year.

In recent weeks, however, the king has reportedly asked all members of the royal family to tighten their belts and expect less money from the dukedom – now owned by Charles – than in the past.

Late last year, Andrew finally unloaded his seven-bedroom Swiss ski chalet for £19 million.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment on Lady Victoria’s allegations when contacted by MailOnline.

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