KCAL-CBS Weatherwoman faints live on camera – Update – Deadline

UPDATE: Meteorologist Alissa Carlson Schwartz posted on her Facebook page this afternoon. “Thanks for all the texts, calls and well wishes. I’ll be fine!” She did not give further details.

EARLIER: KCAL meteorologist Alissa Carlson Schwartz passed out Saturday morning during a live TV broadcast.

Schwartz provided the weather report as part of the 7 a.m. updates when she was hit. She began to lean forward, lost consciousness, and slumped to the desk before she could even begin her report.

There was a slight delay before the show was cut down to a commercial. There has been no update on Carlson’s condition since then.

Carlson, a former Mrs. America contestant, has a heart condition. In 2014, she vomited during a weather report on another station on set during a weather report. Subsequent tests discovered a leaky heart valve.

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