Euphoria actor Jacob Elordi has issued a temporary restraining order against the 61-year-old male stalker

  • Elordi, 25, says the man, 61, made several unwanted advances towards him
  • He said that the judge had left notes and flowers at his home several times
  • Elordi said the man was charged with breaking into Nicolas Cage’s home in 2007

Jacob Elordi on Monday received a temporary restraining order from a Los Angeles court against a man he said was stalking him.

The 25-year-old Euphoria actor told the court that a 61-year-old man named Robert Dennis Furo has made repeated unwanted advances against him in recent weeks, TMZ reported after reviewing court documents.

Elordi, who plays Nate Jacobs on the HBO series, said Furo left behind items including a note, a rose bouquet, candy and pastries during multiple visits to his Hollywood, California, home last month.

The Brisbane, Australian-born actor said he had never met Furo, who he said left a bag of pastries hanging from a gate of his residence on Feb. 5.

Elordi said he found the pastries when he returned after walking his dog, then threw them away. He said Furo appeared in his yard and said he was happy to see Elordi’s “stupid ugly face,” then told him he loved him.

Court news: Euphoria actor Jacob Elordi, 25, on Monday received a temporary restraining order from a Los Angeles court against a man he claims is stalking him. He was seen last year at the Oscars in LA

The actor, who appeared in Deep Water alongside Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas last year, said he told Furo to leave the property and gave his license plate number to authorities.

Elordi told the court he found candy, flowers and a note in his backyard weeks later, and security footage showed that Furo had been on the property three times in the space of half an hour.

A copy of the note Elordi told the court, Furo sent him saying, “Jacob, I wanted to apologize for 3 sat. past. I was hoping to catch you. I wanted you to tell me if you sent.

“I found you very organically on a beautiful Saturday afternoon with no address without getting lost like this time. Would it be possible if you could call. My hands are shaking.’

Elordi said he has reason to believe that Furo is monitoring his home and whereabouts, and that he fears returning home from a film shoot he is currently working on, as Furo has been obsessing over him on social media posted.

Elordi told the court he was made aware that Furo has a criminal past and was charged in 2007 with breaking and entering the home of actor Nicolas Cage in the middle of the night while wearing one of the actor’s leather jackets.

The court ordered Furo to stay at least 100 meters away from Elordi, his residence, vehicle and workshop.

Furo entered a guilty plea in 2008 to felony stalking in connection with an Oct. 1, 2007, incident at a Cage home in Newport Beach, Calif., The Daily Breeze reported.

He was sentenced to six months of rehabilitation, as his lawyer said Furo was “sleepwalking … in a drug-induced daze” during the incident.

The actor, who appeared in Deep Water last year, was photographed in NYC in May last year
The Australian-born actor graced the red carpet at the Met Gala last year
Furo entered a guilty plea in 2008 to stalking in connection with an October 1, 2007, incident at a Newport Beach, California home owned by Nicolas Cage.

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