Danger! Producer reveals rare secret and apologizes for ‘horrible mistake’

a Danger! producer revealed a show secret while apologizing for a “terrible mistake” in a recent episode.

On March 9, viewers who tuned in to watch the game show were frustrated after a recording of the contestants’ final scores was shown during host Mayim Bialik’s opening speech.

The moment spoiled the entire episode and now executive producer Michael Davies has revealed why the mistake occurred.

Speak on the Within Danger! podcast, Davies said, “Immediate apologies to all of our audience.”

He continued: “We completely screwed up at the top of the show. We made a terrible mistake when we revealed the final scores at the end in the cutaway opening shot during Mayim’s monologue.

Davies, who provides a rare insight into the series’ production, went on to say that the opening portion of the show is often reshot after the game is completed, with cutaway shots including the contestants’ final scores being replaced with the same shots from the beginning. .

He said that while “it’s standard operating procedure to return the scores on stage to their original level,” for some reason “it didn’t happen” on that particular day — and no one in post-production noticed the mistake,

“It’s a series of mistakes and it’s somehow remarkable that they all happened,” Davies said, but assured viewers there are now protocols in place “that will prevent this from happening again.”

He stated: “My whole thing is to always not focus on what happened and why this happened to punish people. It’s what happened and why it happened so we can put in place a protocol to make sure it never happens again.”

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Davies apologized to “everyone whose experience with this program was ruined”, and continued: “We take these mistakes so hard, the self-flagellation that goes on in the senior management team and the postal team and everyone involved.”

“That’s a good thing Danger. We take mistakes very, very seriously.”

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